Alphabet Nail Art Challenge: Z is for ZOMBIE

Cu mare regret va anunt ca am ajuns l-a finalul colaborari "Alphabet Nail Art Challenge" , mi-ar fi placut sa particip la fiecare tema in parte dar din pacate timpul si circumstantele nu mi-au permis.
Dar astept cu nerabdare si alte colaborari care vor urma cu siguranta.
Ultima litera de azi este Z si cum ne apropiem de Halloween nu am putut decat sa ma las inspirata de Zombii.

With great regret I announce you that we reached the end of the "Alphabet Nail  Art Challenge", I would have liked to attend every topic of the challenge but unfortunately time and circumstances have not allow me.
But I look forward to other collaborations that wil surely follow.
Today's final letter is Z and how we approach Halloween I could not help but leave me inspired by Zombies.

Pentru realizarea modelului am folosit :

- base coat-ul de la Pupa
- ojele; kaki,verde si neagra de la Essence
- un buretel pentru degrade
- culorile acrlice Oumaxi 
- top coat-ul de la Essence

To achieve the design I used:

- base coat from Pupa 
- the khaki, green and black nail polish from Essence
- sponge for the ombre
- the acrylic paint from Oumaxi
- the top coat from Essence  

Poate ca nu arata destul de infiorator zombiul meu dar sper s-a va placa. :)))

Maybe my zombies may not look pretty creepy but I hope you like them :)).

Sa trecem si pe la restul fetelor sa vedem ce inpiratii au ales pentru litera Z:

Let's move on to the rest of the girls to see what inspirations chose for the letter Z:

Va urez o sambata minunata si relaxanta!

I wish you a wonderful and relaxing Saturday! 

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